I’m so grateful to know that Tonya is always there for me!

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Dizziness and vertigo is awful and it can impact your whole world. For me, it felt like the dizziness came out of nowhere  and I had no idea where to turn. Gratefully, I found Tonya! She has been a lifesaver for me countless times, regarding my BPV( Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).  The first time the dizziness struck, I had no idea what was happening.  I went to the ENT a couple times and they could not diagnose what was wrong with me and we’re unsure of what to do. I was then connected with Tonya through an Ear Clinic and within two treatments the dizziness stopped.  She  taught me what BPV is and how the crystals in my inner ear get dislodged, leaving my vestibular system unsteady. When my BPV flares up, Tonya goes out of her way to get me in to bring me some relief.   I’m so grateful to know that Tonya is always there for me!

I have made great strides

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After spending over a year visiting numerous different doctors, I had the good fortune of going to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. At the end of two days of extensive appointments and tests, they successfully diagnosed my condition as Persistent Postural- Perceptual Dizziness or PPPD. The primary treatment for this condition is vestibular therapy and the second good fortune I had was getting a referral to go to Tonya for my therapy. I have made great strides in eliminating my PPPD thanks to the organized, knowledgeable, persistent and caring help I got from Tonya.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am

150 150 dynamicmobilitypt

Tonya, words cannot describe how thankful I am that you were brought into my life at a time where I really needed support. My accident changed my world and left me scared that I would never be able to enjoy all the things I had previously loved to do. You truly have a gift with your knowledge of vestibular injuries coupled with a great, friendly, warm personality to ease the actual physical aspect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get back to my old self.